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10 Human Desires

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

In Hugh Mackay’s Book, What Makes Us Tick, he explains that our “constant interplay among our desires is the reason there is rarely a single explanation for the things we do. It’s not as if we go to work to satisfy one desire, go out dancing to satisfy another, and renovate our kitchen or buy a car in response to another.” They are quite separate desires that “intersect and overlap with each other, often competing for our attention.” Mr. Mackay explores what makes us tick by explaining the 10 Human Desires, thus, increasing our understanding of why we do the things we do.

Join me on a journey as I guide you through 10 different meditations that focus on the human desires that drive us. What is the importance of being taken seriously, or the desire to belong? Let me guide you in this discovery by clicking here.

Balance through Compassion. Don’t you love it?

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