Over the years, I've been asked many questions about meditating.  Is it difficult? Doesn't it require a lot of time?  Isn't meditation for "earthy" people?  But the question that most people ask me is, how do I know if I'm doing it the right way?  The great thing about meditation is you can't do it wrong.  If you intend to meditate and you follow-through with it, then you are doing it the right way.   Try one of my 10-12 minute mediations below.  Relax and enjoy.  


Free Offering - Meditation for Beginners - How-To

Introduction to Meditation - How-To

10 Minute Group Session - Zoom Call

Simple Step by Step Guide in understanding the benefits of mediation

QA at the End

Guided Meditation

With over 30 years of meditating, I would love to assist you on a journey of mindfulness.

Personal Guided Meditations

15 Minute Coaching Session around Meditation

1 Free Mp3 of a guided meditation designed for you

10-15 Minute Personal Guided Mediation

(or) 20-30 Minute Guided Mediation

One Free Follow-up Session


10-15  MIn. Guided Meditation -  $250.00*

20-30 MIn. Guided Meditation -  $500.00*

* Prices valid until October 21, 2020

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