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I just searched coaches, and there are a ton of us out here, life coaches, business coaches, success coaches, all available with one click of the mouse.  But for me, it's about the story.  If your story resonates with mine, then we can create a journey together where people will know your internal truth based on your external behaviors. You won't have to hide anymore, because you will want the world to experience you.

If you have been put into a label, believing in stereotypes, struggles around emotions, feeling betrayed, feeling shame, or not understanding why you say and do the things you say and do, and remain happy, then we are a good fit.  Becuase I've had to overcome those same obstacles.


1.   We all have a past and have done things that make our heads spin. However, working with me is a JUDGE-FREE ZONE.   What we've done in the past does not determine your self-worth.

2.   Clarity around your mission by using coaching tools (like mind mapping) to provide renewed motivation.

3.   Understanding the motivations behind your behaviors.  Discovering what makes you tick, leading to improved self-care.

4.   I will never tell you what you "SHOULD" do.  I will support and guide you through creating practical, palatable, and adaptable tools that will empower you to reclaim your life.

5.   I will offer you a compassionate environment to help you take action to get things done so your needs are fulfilled, elevated, and balanced.



Beyond Betrayal Coaching - 1 Hour (Adults)

Beyond Betrayal Coaching is a FREE  1-hour session that centers around adults that have been sexually betrayed as a youth.  The session will help us to create a crystal clear vision for understanding stereotypes about adults and child abuse.  We will work to uncover hidden challenges that surround shame and self-doubt while leaving the session renewed, energized, and inspired to worry less about being betrayed and empowered to reclaim your life.

Growth (Life) Coaching - 1 Hour (Adults and Youth)

During this FREE 1-hour session we will work to understand where you are in life at the moment.  We will work to uncover challenges that might be holding you back, life transitions, emotions, letting fear hold you back, self-destructive behaviors, trouble focusing, or maybe it's just learning how to be more decisive.

Coaching Packages


1 month (4 sessions)

Coaching tools and "life-work" / success exercises

Mp3 Recordings

Mind Maps

"Intensive" Package

Intensive 3 months (12 one hour sessions)

Coaching tools and "life-work" / success exercies

Mp3 recordings

Mind Maps

"Sustained Impact" Package

Intensive 3 months (12 on hour sessions in 3 months)

PLUS an additional 12 sessions (to be used over the following 12 months)

Coaching tools and "life-work"/ success exercises

Mp3 recordings

Mind Maps

"Breakthrough Life" Packackage

Intensive 3 months (12 one hour sessions in 3 months)

PLUS and additional 12 sessions (to be used over the following 12 months)

PLUS a full day together to dig into specific areas at a local retreat center (travel not included)

Coaching tools and "life-work" / success exercises

Mp3 recordings

Mind Maps


to determine if we are a good fit...

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