Worry Less About Being Betrayed

And Empowered To Reclaim Your Life

Worry Less About Being Betrayed

Long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse are varied, complex, and often devastating.  There are many stereotypes about men and masculinity.  Women are often labeled as survivors of sexual trauma.  However, I don't believe in 'victimhood'.  I believe in uncovering hidden challenges that surround emotional responses to being betrayed; shame, self-doubt, diminished self-esteem, relationship difficulties, and understanding your adult behaviors.  Through support and guidance, creating practical, palatable, and adaptable tools will empower you to Reclaim Your Life.

And Empowered to Reclaim Your Life

A Common Story


I'm Restless

I'm Overweight

I'm Underweight

I've Become Lazy

I'm Often Sick


I can't tell anyone

No one listens

I can't talk to my family

I can't talk to my friends

I have no one to share with


I hate my past

I live with regret

I can't let go

I can't be present

I can't focus on the future


I feel disconnected from people

I feel alienated

I feel totally alone

I feel lost

I feel abandoned

I feel disengaged

I feel detached


My ego controls me

I don't have feelings

I don't feel like a man

I'm not a real man

Men don't cry - Neither do I


I lie about how I feel

I search for unhealthy intimacy

I'm driven to avoid pain

I snap for no reason

I cry for no reason

I'm promiscuous

I'm always right


Nice To Meet You

I've always lived my life trying to discover what makes me tick, understanding the motivations behind my behaviors.

I spent a considerable amount of time in prayer and meditation. I had intense undergrad and graduate programs in religion, philosophy, communication, and pastoral counseling. All of which gave me the tools to understand and accept where people are in life.

I've never been one to judge others in their healing process and have always supported my clients in their commitment to heal.

Because my client base is varied, I've realized that improving self-esteem, optimizing communication, understanding intimate relationships, sexuality, holistic health and wellness, PTSD, and other areas of growth are common among all of my clients. What's different is the cause and the approach.

Since being betrayed as a child, I learned to tame my ego, which was painful but necessary in the healing process. Breaking the silence freed me to place the blame where it belongs - directly on the abusers' shoulders.

I am a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach with a focus on living a life Balance through Compassion.l.



John is an all-around awesome trainer, coach, and mentor.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he draws from personally and professionally.  John has the ability to work directly with individuals going through personal struggles or engage a large audience seeking professional development.  He is entertaining, throught provoking, inspirational, motivational, and uplifting. He has a way of inspiring people to do more.

-Abigal L. Kerns; MSW, LGWS

"As a gay man, it's hard as a child.  But when you are abused, you can imagine the confusion.  Plus the comments from "religious" people. So why would I tell anyone?  John handled me with compassion and never judged me for my thoughts and behaviors. The abuse really sucked, but I feel John respects me as a man. I'm still learning how to respect myself. 

-Current Client

"John was personable and provided an opportunity for group participation."

-Social Work Conference

"John helped me change my perspective on life. Love me some John and can't wait to have him back"

-Social Work Conference

"John made me re-think that not everyone is the same and that's okay."

-Social Work Conference

"John was very personable, knew his topic, and loved the interaction. Very personable."

- Social Work Conference

"I called John because I was transitioning from work to home full-time.  I was also diagnosed with cancer and having a hard time adjusting.  John listened to every detail in our conversations and helped me change my perspective and learn to accept my 'new normal'.  This brought me much peace and was one less thing I had to worry about. I now live in the present and am much more attentive to what the motivations are behind my thoughts and behaviors"

- Client

"...John assists her in her own development, helps her find the ability to be strong-minded and independent as well as growing an understanding of how to appreciate friends, family, and life."

- Jennifer Fowler (Mother)

"I'm a very successful person and pretty much always happy.  But I thought I had dealth with my struggles, until I realized I hadn't.  John immediately put me at ease during my first free session.  John gave me time to explain and never interrupted me.  This has never happened before.  As soon as I begin to talk, people want to save me.  John understood that saving was something I had to do. It's been a long road, but I'm making huge progress."

- Current Client

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Nice To Meet You

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